Survey Basics

Friday, June 17, 2016


“What you don’t know about surveys can be very costly”

 At TGI Title Guarantee, the most frequently asked questions we get are about surveys and survey readings as they relate to title insurance. The questions we receive are in regards to multiple factors present in a survey such as types of surveys, meters and bounds descriptions, and encroachments. Attorneys and Lenders always seem to have some understanding of a survey and a survey readings. Our goal is to help you gain a clear understanding of what a survey is and its components.

 We have spent some time preparing a detailed analysis that begins with a general description of what a survey is:

 A survey involves the process of reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating specific data and evidence to determine the physical boundaries and limits of the premises to be insured.  The evidence to be considered in preparing a survey often consists of (i) physical field evidence, (ii) written record evidence, and (iii) field measurements. Article 145, Section 7203 of the New York State Education law defines land surveying-

               “Practicing branch of the engineering profession and applied mathematics which includes the measuring and plotting of the dimensions and areas of any portion of the earth, including all naturally placed and man- or machine-made structures and objects thereon, the lengths and directions of boundary lines, the contour of the surface and the application of rules and regulations in accordance with local requirements incidental to subdivisions for the correct determination, description, conveying and recording thereof or for the establishment or reestablishment thereof”

                                                                                                                                    -New York State Education Law

 Our “Survey Basics” is broken down into the following sections:


  1. Survey Overview
  2. Types of Surveys
  3. Reading the Survey
  4. Survey Endorsements


Our belief is that you willfind this guide a tremendous resource of information.

For a complete copy of our survey basics guide or any question you may have about surveys  call me, your Clearance Officer at TGI Title Guarantee, Inc. at any time.


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