Who we are

TGI Title Guarantee and its affiliates are licensed title insurance agents and real property research organizations currently operating in New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and in New York as US Land Title Services, Title Land Agency, Inc., and Title Masters Agency LLC. Our headquarters is in the heart of New York's financial district on 40 Exchange Place. Satellite offices located on the Nassau/Suffolk county border in Long Island and Westfield in central New Jersey.

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The Importance of the Value Chain

"During my 35-year flavorful business career, I have seen much come and go. The single and most significant constant of success that differentiates good companies from great companies and success from the failures are organizations that maintain the VALUE CHAIN. The  VALUE CHAIN  is always ...

The company we keep


Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP, Kaman,   Berlove,   Marafioti,   Jacobstein  & Goldman, LLP., Kriss & Feurerstein LLP., Archer & Greiner, P.C., Woods,   Oviatt,   Gilman LLP., Fix ,  Spindelman ,  Brovitz  & Goldman, P.C., Stewart Lender Services,  US Government GSA,   and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

What we do

In addition to issuing policies for First American and Stewart, we supply the analytics and experience needed to help manage the entire contract-to-post-closing cycle with greater levels of performance and control.  Having a broad view of a complete property history affords the critical information you need to make effective decisions when negotiating a contract to buy or sell

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a level of customer service that is highly responsive, results driven and innovative. This will require nothing less than a continued, unyielding commitment to lead the industry with our resources and expertise, being responsive to the needs of our clients and business partners, and taking pride in everything we do.