For Those Buying a Home this Spring Title Insurance Protects Property Rights & Interests

Monday, April 22, 2013


As the sun shines and the house buying starts booming with the spring season, it is important for future homebuyers to realize that they can purchase an owner’s title insurance policy on their property for a one-time fee.

These policies are made for the consumer and protect against liens or encumbrances, such as property taxes, unpaid mortgages, or child support liens that could disrupt the homebuyer’s ability to get a mortgage loan.

Title insurance is one of the easiest ways a homebuyer can save money and protect themselves throughout the real estate transaction process.

Most credible banks and lenders require title insurance to even begin to do business regarding a mortgage loan.

Acquiring a home is one of the biggest financial transactions that a consumer can make and buying title insurance from a reputable agency, like Title Guarantee, Inc., can ensure a smooth real estate closing and full protection on your house and property.

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