What We Do At Title Guarantee

Message from our CEO James D. Gavrity

"During my 35-year flavorful business career, I have seen much come and go. The single and most significant constant of success that differentiates good companies from great companies and success from the failures are organizations that maintain the VALUE CHAIN. The VALUE CHAIN is always following through on any promise to deliver.  The moment anyone in an organization breaks that chain, you go from great to good, from good to mediocre, eventually losing business altogether.  We are one of those great companies.  You have questions. We have answers. If we do not at that instant, we get them. Our human capital and extensive experience in business and real estate enable us to focus efforts on saying yes to solving problems and moving the deal to the closing table"


What We Do

In addition to issuing policies directly for First American and Stewart, we supply the analytic and experience needed to help manage the entire contract to post-closing cycle with greater levels of performance and control. Having a broad view of a complete property history affords the critical information you need to make effective decisions when negotiating a contract to buy or sell.

Successful real estate acquisition and disposal often goes beyond the standard deed and mortgage chain. Our suite of services includes, but is not limited to, Violations Resolution Services, such as ECBs and Building Violations, Environmental Research, Property and Causality Claims History, Prior & Pending Litigation Research, Property Tax Appeals and Reinstatement, 1031 Exchanges, and Escrow Services. We provide the products and services and expertise you need to achieve your goal. When Availability, Quality, and Performance Count, TGI is your source.


Our mission is to deliver a level of customer service that is highly responsive, results driven and innovative. This will require nothing less than a continued, unyielding commitment to lead the industry with our resources and expertise, being responsive to the needs of our clients and business partners, and taking pride in everything we do.

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