SBA Title Search Helps Homeowners Get Loan

Monday, March 11, 2013


With the recent fallout from storms and hurricanes in the tri-state area, many homeowners are discovering that with the renovations to their homes fixing damage or even upgrading the home can be far more expensive than what home insurance will cover. The government has a disaster relief SBA Loan available for those in such a scenario. Since a Title Search is an important part of the SBA process, we, Title Guarantee,Inc., can help you to speedily acquire what you need so that you can get moving on your renovations.

For individual and businesses currently in the process of obtaining an SBA Loan for business expansion or disaster assistance, Title Guarantee, Inc. has arranged for a custom title search document to meet the request of the SBA for the funding package.

Keep in mind that property title search requirements for SBA loans typically require the following:

  • Record Ownership in the name of the borrower
  • All Prior Liens
  • SBA's recorded Mortgage/Deed of Trust
  • Tax and Judgment Search
  • Copy of the Legal Description covered in Title report
  • Search at least 30 years

We have performed many title search reports for SBA clients and work closely with the Administration to provide the required title documents As Soon As Possible. We understand that you need your SBA funded quickly, and we run all of our SBA title searches as a rush order.