Title Insurance Services

TGI Title Guarantee, Inc. specializes in issuing Title Insurance policies for residential and commercial transactions in the States of New York and New Jersey and is renowned for efficient, accurate, & timely title insurance reports and services that meet our client’s expectations.


TGI Service Advantages

    • TGI Title Guarantee, Inc. issues policies through the Nation’s largest and best-rated title insurance companies that include First American Title Insurance and Stewart Title Insurance.
    • TGI Title Guarantee, Inc.’s title services include efficient and timely order processing, title clearance by our skilled and experienced staff, as well as closings performed by a staff who adheres to the highest standards in the title industry.
    • All title reports include a detailed status of open items on our “Title Alert Sheet”.
    • Affidavits and report exception clearance provided instantly throughout the process.
    • Reports can be delivered electronically broken down into detailed sections or, manually if required.
    • Our title policies are stored and can be accessed for you and your client for future usage.
    • Recording confirmation sent for all recorded docs.
    • Escrows and Recording overages refunded in a timely fashion.
    • Accurate title invoice disclosure done at application with fees being transparent throughout the transaction. 

Other searches available include:

    • Attorney Search
    • Title Report without Insurance
    • Name/Business Search
    • Last Deed of Record Search
    • Open Mortgage Search
    • Tax Search
    • Tax History Search 

With TGI Title Guarantee, Inc., ordering your title is easier than ever before.

    1. Call us at 212-776-9200
    2. Email us at orders@titleguarantee.com
    3. Print out and fax or email the following form